Champs 2022 Qualifiers

Dear NORTHWEST REGION Members and Parents,

Participating in Championships is an amazing experience you will not forget.  The Regional Leadership in the Northwest wants you to have an opportunity to have such an experience. It is our desire that you have an opportunity to experience Championships, however, you still need to qualify.  We will list here on this page, all the Regional Qualifiers.   

Did you qualify for Champs and would like to register to attend? 

USPC has a new registration system designed to make registering for Championships much easier. Competitors will now submit and pay their own entries by the deadlines listed below, just click the link under the events tab, click competitions, then championships. Any Championships discipline and division you are eligible for will be listed in your Championships competitor page. If you do not see the discipline and division you wish to register for, please contact your regional supervisor for clarification. For helpful hints and instructions on how to register please click here.

Be Sure to Read the “Guidebook to Championships” for your discipline(s) found on the National Pony Club Site under "Events", click on Championships, then select the "Guidebook to Championships" button at the bottom of the page. This will be available closer to Champs date.  

Remember to: Follow ALL the rules for your Pony Club discipline found in the Pony Club Rule Book/ "Guidebook to Championships" for your discipline.

YOU AND YOUR HORSE ARE A TEAM AND QUALIFIED TOGETHER - If you have a new horse, then you must get new scores on that horse to qualify.

What about Eventing?  If you want to attend Championships in the Eventing Discipline, please follow the rules in the Eventing rule book for exceptions (available on the National website) and notify Julie Mowbray right away and let her know you are trying to qualify for Championships!

Can’t attend a Regional Rally?  We will accept qualifying scores from other qualifying rallies outside of our Region.   Please contact Julie Mowbray and let her know that you qualified outside the Region.  She will request scores from that region.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your Regional Supervisor:  Julie Mowbray 360 461-2045 or

**Championship invite registrations will be e-mailed to you directly from Nationals:

2022 USPC Championships is open to members 10 years of age, with a D-2 certification who meet the competition eligibility requirements. 

 2022 Show Jump Rally Qualifiers                                                   

Misty Mountain                Kendal Smith         H1      

Narrows                           Travis Martinson     H1      


Misty Mountain                   Madyson Hsue                   DHR      

Peninsula                            Macy Hale                          DHR      

Woodbrook Hunt                 Ruby Humphrey                 DHR      

Peninsula                            Rhys Bentley                      DHR      

Peninsula                            Piper Hale                          DHR      

Misty Mountain                   Jackson Palmer                  DHR      

Emerald Hills                      Caroline Hagens                DHR      


French Creek                     Erin Burson                        INTRO  

Valley Green                      Hazel Gardner                   INTRO  

Emerald Hills                    Olivia Martin                     INTRO  

Woodbrook Hunt               Violet Humphrey               INTRO  

San Juan                            Sonja Webster Hills          INTRO  

French Creek                     Juliane Koss                      INTRO

San Juan                            Servando Garcia               INTRO

Valley Green                      Natalie Hollow-Bist          INTRO  

Emerald Hills                     Kayla Hammond               INTRO

Valley Green                      Nola Bertucci                    INTRO 

Lincoln Creek                    Kelly Mahoney                   INTRO

Brackenhollow                  Saryn Koch                         INTRO  

Baywood                            Olivia Ordway                   INTRO

Valley Green                      Bailey Mills                        INTRO

French Creek                     Lindsey Ellis                       INTRO  

Narrows                             Avery Satterlee                  INTRO  

Stable Management

Emerald Hills                     Laura Hammond              

Emerald Hills                     Brianna Philipp

Valley Green                       Ruby Mills          

Equitese                             Auden Darrock 

Misty Mountain                  Alexis Hsue        

French Creek                      Chancellor Pell  

Woodbrook Hunt                Meredith Gottlieb

Baywood                            Maura Palumbo               

Narrows                             Roark Lengtat   

Maplewood                       Jenevieve Hartness-Hollis   

 2022 Quiz Rally Qualifiers

Narrows                  Roriana Lengtat                    NOV D2

Narrows                  Bodie Martinson                   NOV D2

Valley Green            Massimo Bertucci                 NOV D2

Bainbridge               Mesa Soriano                       NOV D2

High Lakes (OR)       Quinlyn Kiger                      NOV D2

Skagit                       Kamryn Matthews                JR D2

Kulshan Ridge          Juniper Hoats                       JR D2

Kushan Ridge           Olivia Furda                         JR D2

Hilander                   Cetari White-Anderson         JR D2

Hilander                   Darthanial Neuman-Niles    JR D2

Woodbrook Hunt      Carsyn Ritter                        JR D2

Woodbrook Hunt      Jethro Elledge-Burke           JR D2 

Narrows                   Issabella Easley                    JR D2

Bainbridge               Kylie Wilson                         JR D2

Mt Peak                    Cadence Welch                    JR D2

Valley Green             Cora Brinton                        JR D2

Emerald Hills           Kara Reed                            JR D3

Emerald Hills           Aida Reed                            JR D3

Hilander                   Katelynn Harris                   JR D3

Woodbrook Hunt      Kyra Cook                            JR D3

Narrows                    Avery Satterlee                   JR D3

Mt Peak                    Audrey Panno                      JR D3

Valley Green             Bailey Mills                         JR D3

Valley Green             Bonnie Blair                        JR D3

Valley Green             Ruby Mills                           JR C1

Narrows                    Travis Martinson                 JR C1

Valley Green             Filomena Bertucci               JR C2

Woodbrook Hunt      Grace Coonrod                    JR C2

2022 Dressage Rally Qualifiers

Narrows                   Lynnea Anderson                 D2  Training Level Test 3

Narrows                   Karissa Talent                      C2   Training Level Test 3

Hilander                   Cetari White-Anderson        D3   Training Level Test 3

Sunset Valley            Donna Mitchell                   C2    First Level- Test 3

Whidbey Island         River Stephens                    D2   Training Level Test 3

Brackhenhollow       Olivia Timmerman               C2    First Level-Test 3

Mount Peak               Emalee Prather                   C2

Brackenhollow           Emily McDorman                HB








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