Northwest Member Materials

Certifications Overview

For over 50 years, USPC has had Standards of Proficiency and a rigorous examination process administered by local and national examiners. These examiners certify the knowledge, skills and abilities of USPC members seeking to achieve a Standard of Proficiency. Upon successfully proving proficiency per a standard, USPC awards the member a certificate of achievement.

Pony Clubs use the Standards of Proficiency as the foundation for their instruction programs.  The Standards of Proficiency describe the specific requirements for each level.  As a member tests through the various levels, certifications recognize the member's achievement of increased confidence, independence, and good safety habits while working with mounts. 

Certificate tests for D1 through C2 levels are held at the club level. Find more information, forms, resources, etc. on the Members tab.

Upper level or national certifications are administered by USPC for the following levels: HB, HM/H/HA, C3, B, and A. C3, B, and A can be traditional or specialty in Dressage or Show Jumping. Find more information, forms, resources, etc on the Members tab.

And in case you hear someone say the word "rating".... In an effort to bring more professional recognition to the achievements of USPC members, the awarding of achievement has changed from the word "rating" to more industry recognized terms of "certificate" and "certification."  Members tested at the local level will receive a "certificate" upon completion of their respective examinations (tests) and those completing a national examination will be awarded a "certification."

The certification accomplishments of the NW region members are published on the Accolades page.

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