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Northwest Youth Board Application


Mission Statement

The Northwest Regional Youth Board mission is to help provide an in-depth communication between members, clubs, and the Regional Board.  The Youth Board works to creating a stronger community between members of the Northwest Region of all ages.  They will promote the values of pony club and provide members with opportunities to learn and develop these values including leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, education and conservation.

Cora Swindale – Chair

Hi, I’m Cora Swindale! I’m a HB, C2 at Woodbrook Hunt Pony Club. I’ve been riding since I was 8 years old and in Pony Club since I was 11. I love spending time with my Pony Club friends and going to camps, rallies, and seminars. In the winter, I spend my time foxhunting with Woodbrook Hunt Club. I’m so excited to be a member of the Northwest Regional Youth Board this year, and can’t wait to give back to the region that has done so much for me! Up above is a picture of a picture of me and my favorite mare, Magic! We both love to 3- Day Event and go on fun adventures all around the Northwest. We are planning on taking our C3 this summer and are both very excited for what the future holds for us!

Maggie Shideler - Vice-Chair

Maggie is a HB/C-3 dressage specialty member from Skagit Valley Pony Club. She has been riding since she was 7 years old, and has been in Pony Club for 8 years. She is really excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Northwest Regional Youth Board, so she can give back to Pony Club what Pony Club has given to her. Her hope is to grow the Northwest Region and be able to connect all members together. Within Pony Club, Maggie loves to attend rallies, championships and Northwest regional activities. Outside of Pony Club, she competes her mare, Mamma Mia (shown above), in dressage. She is currently a junior at Glacier Peak High School, and plays flute and piccolo in her high school Wind Ensemble and Marching Band.   

Anna Horner - Secretary

Anna is a current Senior at Raisbeck Aviation Highschool, and is an active USPC and USEA member. She will be studying biology next year at the University of Washington. She completed her C2 traditional certification and competes at the training level with her off the track thoroughbred, and beginner novice with her Mustang, Molly. Anna has been involved in pony club since she was 5 years old, and has since competed at 6 USPC championships in Dressage and show jumping, and has won the tetrathlon championship for two consecutive years. Since being exposed to Tetrathlon, Anna has also gotten involved in Modern Pentathlon, where she got bronze in the Triathle For All World Championships in 2016. As the new NWRYB secretary, Anna hopes to get more people involved in Tetrathlon, as well as get more upper level members mentorship positions in the region to build a more tight nit community and make the Northwest the best region. 

Kylie Cemulini - Treasurer

Kylie Cemulini is a HB/C3 member in Peninsula Pony Club. She has been riding since she was 5 years old, and has been a part of pony club for six years. As a Regional Youth Board member she hopes to be involved and help however she can to improve everyone's experiences within Pony Club. She is an active member teaching at monthly meetings, taking certifications and supporting her fellow members. Kylie also competes at training level of Eventing and is hoping to move up to prelim sometime this year. Her goals in the next two years is to get her HA and B before leaving for college.

Ailsa Gilbert - Provisional Member

Past Youth Board Members:

Kathryn Craig – Chair

Kathryn Craig is 20 years old and a C2flat /HB member of Baywood Pony Club. She joined Pony Club in 2011. Kathryn is a working student at Starfire Farms, as well as a full time student in her senior year of her Biochemistry degree at The Evergreen State College in Olympia. She loves spending her weekends foxhunting at the Woodbrook Hunt Club.

During her time as a member, she has had the opportunities to represent the Northwest at 3 consecutive years of USPC Quiz Championships, attended the 2015 International Pony Club Foxhunting Exchange, and won the silver medal at the 2016 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge. Her goals for the next few years are to attain her C3 and HA, apply the USPC National Youth Board, and to make foxhunting more accessible to pony clubbers in the northwest.

In her spare time she teaches horse management lessons and conducts lower level certifications. Her goals for the Northwest Regional Youth Board are to provide appreciation and support members who are preparing for or who taken certifications, and members who compete at rallies. She feels that, the work that members put into taking certifications is what makes pony clubbers stand out among young riders nation-wide.

Jordan Beckingham- Treasurer

Jordan Beckingham is 24 years old. She graduated in May of 2014 from Stetson University in Deland, Florida with a major in Family Business and a minor in Management. She is an active member of Peninsula Pony Club in the Northwest Region. When Jordan is available she conducts lower level ratings and coaches PPC's rally teams.

Jordan is currently certified as an HA Traditional and a HA Dressage Specialty. She plans to take her A Traditional certification in the summer of 2017. Jordan competes at the training and preliminary levels of Eventing as well as competes at the 1.0m and 1.10m levels in jumpers. Jordan had the opportunity to represent the Northwest Region as a National Youth Congress delegate in 2011.

Jordan moved to Eagle, Idaho in mid-September to become a working student for Stephanie Goodman of Wasatch Sport Horses where she helps train horses and also teaches lessons. Jordan is also an C4 Equestrian Ambassador. As an Equestrian Ambassador, she helps promote their belts by wearing them and sharing any promotions and her promotional code through her social media handles. Jordan has joined the Boise Pony Club near her as a member at large so that she may continue to be involved in Pony Club activities while she is living in Idaho.

Molly Akers 

Molly Akers is a HB/C2 from Baywood Pony Club. Being on the youth board she hopes that by she can help encourage other upper level members to stay involved in pony club activities such as camps and ratings, and she wants to be more involved in the pony club community as a whole. Her goals for the next two years are to get her B and my HA before she goes to college, and also dreams of making it to NAJYRC in dressage! Outside of pony club, she has done some three-day eventing, and competes in USDF dressage shows. Beyond riding horses, she spends a lot of time reading and writing, and she plans on becoming a prosecution attorney one day. Molly is excited to be a member of the Northwest Regional Youth Board and looks forward to getting to know so many new people!

Kaitlyn Schuler

Kaitlyn has had a passion for horses her entire life. She moved with her family to Bellingham, WA once five years old after being born in Baulkham Hills, Australia and living for a short time in Reno, NV. After many years of too short pony rides, she finally started taking lessons at the age of six with dreams of becoming an eventer. However with the area being dominated by the Western discipline Kaitlyn was thrown into the world of gaming for eight years before finally discovering her current instructor, Kimberly Barber, at the age of fourteen. She now events on her own horse, a Percheron Thoroughbred named Daniel. She was first introduced to Pony Club four years ago and became a member of Whatcom County Pony Club, which dissolved only weeks thereafter. Still wanting to pursue Pony Club, Kaitlyn did everything she could to help in the creation of her current club, Kulshan Ridge Pony Club. Since it’s creation, KRPC has grown immensely and she hopes to help grow the club even more. Outside of the world of horses, Kaitlyn is pursuing a degree in business and enjoys playing music. Kaitlyn is a new member of the NW Regional Youth Board, and is very excited to be more involved in the region.

Rio Mowbray

Rio Mowbray is HB from Ranahan and Spokane Pony Clubs. She joined Pony Club when she was 7 years old and has her C2 traditional and dressage specialty certifications.  After attaining her baccalaureate from Eastern Washington University, in sociology and criminal justice, she is currently studying Law at Gonzaga University.

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