2021 Show Jump Rally Team Scores

Thank you to all the teams that participated in the 2021 Show Jump Rally held by the NW Pony Club Region. We had 20 teams braving the weather forecast to give it their all in the show ring and in the barn. 

Thank you to Jenny Holbrook for being Jump Judge and Shelley Feldner for being our Chief HM Judge.  Julie Mowbray shifted roles to be our HMO for the weekend. Thank you to Lynn Mahoney, our Technical Delegate, who built the courses and brought in all of the jumps for the event.  Thank you to or jog-out vet Hannah Mueller DVM. Thank you to Tina Tincher for keeping the show running on-time and Tim Filer for being our intrepid announcer. Of course, huge thank you to Megan Hartness and Angela Filer for pulling all of this together and helping this rally to run smoothly.  And finally, these rallys can't run without all of our amazing volunteers that fill critical roles. A huge thank you to you all!

We have posted the Championship 2022 qualifiers list on the website here:

NWPC Virtual Show Jump Results


Jr Division

1st   Misty Mountain           

2nd  Peninsula

3rd   Valley Green/Equitese 

4th   Narrows 

5th   Valley Green 

6th   Brackenhollow Riding Centre 

7th   French Creek

8th   Narrows

Sr Division 

1st    San Juan 

2nd   Sunset Valley/San Juan/Whidbey Island

3rd    Lincoln Creek

4th    Emerald Hills

5th    Baywood/Ranahan/Skagit Valley

6th    Misty Mountain

7th    Emerald Hills

8th    French Creek

9th    Brackenhollow Riding Centre

10th  Woodbrook Hunt

11th  Lincoln Creek/Baywood/Maplewood

12th  Whidbey Island/Maplewood

Overall Rally Champions

San Juan Pony Club

High Point                                                    

Grasshopper 1        Elizabeth Shephard     San Juan                   

Grasshopper 2        Shruti Bona                  Emerald Hills   

Intro                        Violet Humphrey         Woodbrook Hunt             

DHR                        Caroline Hagens          Emerald Hills                                       

H1                           Travis Martinson          Narrows                

HM top three teams

1st      Brackenhollow Riding Centre 

2nd     Lincoln Creek 

3rd      French Creek