2022 Quiz Rally Results

Novice D Team Results

1st    Narrows-Valley Green

         Roriana Lengtat, Bodie Martinson, Piper Gaskins, Massimo Bertucci

2nd   Rainier

         Olivia Hoefer, Lily Brenes, Nora Burdick, Kate Oberto

3rd    Bainbridge- Valley Green

         Mesa Soriano, Avery Coffee, Tabitha Martell

4th    Skagit

          Kennedy Matthews, Logan Holbert Watkins, Emmet Holbert Watkins, Skyler Shinn

5th    Carbon River

          Lily Sciacca, Zena Sciacca, Josie Fuccillo, Morgan Valvoda Bowie

Junior D Team Results

1st      Hilander

           Katelynn Harris, Cetari White-Anderson, Brooke Lindsey, Darthanial Neumann-Niles

2nd     Skagit

           Kamryn Matthews, Sadie Holbert Watkins, Eva Jackson, Avalyn Shinn

3rd      Mt Peak

            Audrey Panno, Cadence Welch, Olivia Sipila, Alaina Livingston

4th      Rainier

            Truwe Esser, Chloe Bahng, Anushka Tiwari

5th      Valley Green

           Bailey Mills, Cora Brinton, Bonnie Blair

6th      Woodbrook Hunt

           Carsyn Ritter, Sadie Barkhurst, Grant Cook, Jethro Elledge-Burke

7th      Narrows-Bainbridge

           Isabella Easley, Avery Satterlee, Sunday Martell, Kylie Wilson

8th      Emerald Hills- High Lakes (Oregon)

           Kara Reed, Aida Reed, Victoria Zhang, Quinlyn Kiger

9th     San Juan- Emerald Hills

           Elizabeth Shephard, Zoe Brown, Olivia Putz

Junior C Team Results

1st       Valley Green- Narrows- Woodbrook Hunt

            Ruby Mills, Filomena Bertucci, Travis Martinson, Grace Coonrod

Senior D Team Results

1st       Lincoln Creek

            Nancy Rostan, Sunset Brinton, Martha Kesting, Amy Kocourek

Most Inspirational

           Kulshan Ridge

           Kyra Cook, Trinity Reuter, Penny Steffens


           Juniper Hoats, Olivia Furda, Olivia Larson

Overall Top Scores

Novice: Morgan Valvoda Bowie

JR: Cetari White-Anderson

SR: Amy Kocourek

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