2020 Virtual Show Jump Rally Team Scores

Thank you to all the teams that participated in the first Virtual Show Jump Rally held by the NW Pony Club Region. We are so excited about how well the rally went. Congratulations to the participants for stepping up and making this happen with your team. We had 8 teams and participants from WA and TX!  We have e-mailed the teams the final scores directly.  Ribbons will be sent to each team member, high point for each division and HM top three teams.

Thank you to Cindy Ross for being the virtual judge. Debbie Swanson for helping with the zoom rooms, also Alishia Hornburg our HMO for the HM questions.

For those who would like to go to Championships in 2021:

If you participated and qualified in the 2019 Fall NWPC show jump rally, your scores are registered with Nationals and will carry forward to the 2021 Championships.   If you would like to qualify for Champs through the process of exceptions, Nationals will review your ride scores from this virtual rally since Cindy Ross is a “R” level judge. You must meet the requirements for exceptions to be reviewed. Notify your DC if you are interested, then your DC will contact Julie Mowbray the RS for the NWPC Region.  Refer to the rule book about qualifying for Champs and exceptions.

NWPC Virtual Show Jump Results


1st  Woodbrook                             Team 6                 7.83

2nd Brackenhollow/Olympus       Team 7                 8.42

3rd Emerald Hills                          Team 1                 9.72

4th Mt Peak                                   Team 2                 9.76

5th Brackenhollow                        Team 8                 11.65

6th Sunset/Brackenhollow            Team 4                 14.67

7th Narrows                                   Team 3                 23.11

8th Whidbey/Mt Peak                    Team 5                 37.61


High Point                          

Intro                                      Zoe W           76

Grasshopper 1                   Audrey P          78

Grasshopper 2                   Ivy R                77

DHR                                       Abby G        68

H1                                           Reese K      76


HM top three teams

1st Narrow                                           9.71

2nd Mt Peak                                        10

3rd Brackenhollow/Olympus              11.73